History of trademark AUTOGRAPH is connected with the company «TIC Consult» founded in 1993. Since 1995 till 1999 the company was a large importer of production from the countries of Southeast Asia, especially China. The company renewed this practice from the end of 2002 and today offers production of its own trade mark AUTOGRAPH. These erasers are made of natural and synthetic rubber, and also vinyl.

The assortment of the trademark includes some vinyl erasers for deleting of graphite lines. They are named Butterfly (33*22*11,5 mm and 38,5*20*14 mm), Magic (36*20*11 mm and 43,5*14*11,5 mm) and Animal (50*30*7 mm) and have an individual packing for sale.

Erasers for children differ from vinyl one by the bright colors, amusing figures and forms of florets, triangles, circles and etc. All erasers are made of ecologically clean and harmless materials.

My collection Autograph

The eraser Extra-soft

The eraser Magic

The eraser Butterfly

The eraser Magic WSOF-35