Pioneer, the original inventor and manufacturer of non-sharpening pencils, has developed various kinds of stationery, especially writing instruments. After years of experience, three factories in Taiwan, Thailand & China are fully equipped to handle ODM/OEM requirements and the brand name has made the manufacturers of BENSIA a leading company in the field of stationery in Taiwan.

BENSIA features creative ideas and fancy designs. Hence, it is most suitable for companies active in the school, gift & toys market. However, BENSIA also conduct an extensive adult office-line as well.

BENSIA STATIONERY CO., Ltd. was established in 2000 in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam.


My collection Bensia

The eraser XR 29

The eraser XR 30

The eraser HD 54

The eraser HM 53

The eraser Process XQ 04

The eraser XR 91

The eraser HD 56

The eraser HD 42

The eraser XGH 9

The eraser QHT 8

The eraser HK 01