ProBuro Company was founded in 1994. For nine years it has grown from a small trading firm into one of the biggest players on the stationery and office market of Russia. In the beginning the company specialized in supplying stationery and back-to-school products from the Czech Republic. Known from the Soviet times trademarks Koh-I-Noor, Centropen were very popular among Russian customers. By 1997 ProBuro reached the position of the biggest Czech stationery products importer and wholesaler. Later 5 years ProBuro became one of the leaders on Russian stationery market and gained the reputation of a reliable and advantageous business partner. The assortment range offered by ProBuro included more than 6000 items sourced from the best manufacturers from Europe, Russia and Asia..

Nowadays ProBuro launches and introduces its own trademarks: BOOM - for back-to-school and children items, PROFF - for office and stationery goods.

The assortment range of BOOM trademark includes a great variety of goods for children. BOOM assortment range is constantly renewed. ProBuro tries to make BOOM production popular with a great number of potential customers. For example, new series of pencils and fibre-tip pens “Cat and Dog" and "Simsala Grimm" were introduced after the first series "Classic" to attract attention of children to BOOM production. Every season new items are added to the collection of satchels, school bags.

BOOM products are made for children, so only high-quality goods are introduced. New technologies and modern materials are used in the manufacturing process and the quality of the production is regularly tested. All the goods are up to the European quality standard and have Russian hygienic certificates. Quality of production BOOM is confirmed by European EN and American ASTM certificates.

Key white, fluorescent and neon erasers are made of high-quality nontoxical vinyl and have amusing grandfather Boom’s images. They are right for deleting of graphite and color pencils lines

For some years company ProBuro made the contract with owners of the license «Tom & Jerry» – agents of the company «Warner Brothers» on the right of use of characters of the cartoon film. As a result is a wide assortment of erasers with the images of nimble little mouse Jerry and unlucky cat Tom.


My collection Boom

The eraser BFA 33/30

The eraser BNE 30/48

The eraser White&Black Pig BCE 2712/10

The eraser Letters ВСЕ 635/24

The eraser Letters ВСЕ 635/24

The eraser Letters ВСЕ 635/24

The eraser Yo-Yo BCE 380/24

The eraser Saxophone BCE 711/10

The eraser Dolphin BCE 712/10

The eraser Letters BCE 635/24

The eraser Puppy ВСЕ 0723/10

The eraser ВСЕ 326/10

The eraser UFO BCE 2715/10

The eraser BCE 0702/30

The eraser Yo-Yo, BCE 380/24

The eraser Pazzle, BCE 356/27