Holding HERLITZ is the European leader of office and school stationery founded in 1904 by bookseller Carl Herlitz in Berlin. In 1935 his son Gunter Herlitz takes over the leadership of the wholesale-business. In 1974 HERLITZ changed from a wholesale company to a producing company. In 1976 by resolution of the shareholders meeting "Carl Herlitz AG" now signs with the firm name "Herlitz AG". In 1987 HERLITZ purchased the company Susy Card GmbH & Co. KG (greeting cards). At that time HERLITZ introduced its new fountain pen "Tornado SLS" which was a world-innovation. In 1996 HERLITZ AG transformed into a holding company and Herlitz PBS AG became an independent company. In 2007 HERLITZ received branded seal "Brand of the century".

HERLITZ produces professional and school erasers.

Professional erasers for graphite pencils are made in two modern designs – rectangular and roundish. They are not crumbled, don’t leave dirty traces and don’t with time. Also among professional erasers there is a two-section eraser HERLITZ DG36 made of natural rubber which deletes graphite and inks traces. Combined erasers perform double function (pencil/ink). A sharpener is applied to the eraser.

School erasers belong to series Disney. They easily delete graphite traces; keep softness and elasticity for a long time. A knife-sharpener is built into the same plastic body. One more interesting position is a vinyl eraser of the series Fishbone. It is made in the form of a small fish and becomes an excellent addition to a gift collected from the stationery of series Fishbone.


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The eraser Pretty Pets

The eraser DG 36 with a sharpener

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