Relight Company was established in 1994 and nowadays the company has become one of the most dynamically developing operators on the Russian market. One of the main fields of our company's business is production and distribution of a wide range of stationery goods for school and office with "GMV" Trade Mark. Relight Company is also engaged in import of stationery supplies produced by world-famous companies in South-East Asia and in Europe.

Nowadays ProBuro has its own trademarks: LAPLANDIA - for children, NIXON - for office and stationery goods.

Manufacturers pay attention to design of their production. It’s their idea to make LAPLANDIA as a magic country where fantastic characters live in; images of them can be seen on each packing. Fabulous cheerful and ridiculous animals become reliable satellites of young creative persons. Erasers LAPLANDIA are intended for removal of graphite and color pencils lines; they don't damage a paper and leave dirty traces. Rectangular color erasers from the natural rubber are produced of three sizes and four colors; they differ from each other by images of fantastic character from "fairy tale" LAPLANDIA.

Synthetic rubber erasers LAPLANDIA of translucent neon colors have form of parallelepiped. The interesting decision is a synthetic translucent eraser, having triangular section with a round through aperture for a pencil.


My collection Laplandia


The eraser LE 2004

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