LYRA is the widely known (especially among professional artists) German brand registered in 1886. The company was founded in 1806 by Johann Froesheis and could grow successfully, having gone through all wars.

LYRA erasers are available in several designs and with different functions. Among them rubber erasers for lead and ink, there are plastic erasers for office, erasing on paper and foil without a trace etc.

The most widespread erasers are kneadable erasers (45*31*10 mm) which are in great demand among professional artists. Also in assortment of LYRA there are erasers for work at office. For example, the plastic eraser for paper and foil Orlow-techno-plastic erasing on paper and foil without a trace etc, the eraser Lyrato or white plastic erasers with amusing images. Also LYRA produces combined erasers for removal of graphite and inks traces. Besides there are erasers-autopencils with a clip (length of a core is 120 mm, diameter – 7 mm).


My collection Lyra

The eraser Orlow-techno

The eraser 3440/40

The eraser Lyrato (3455)

The eraser 3443/40

The eraser 7420

The eraser 7402400

The eraser 3443/80

The eraser 7412300

The eraser 2090467

The eraser 7410200

The eraser 7420060

The eraser 7413300

The eraser 7401400

The eraser 7412300