The MAPED Company (Manufacture d’Articles de Precision Et de Dessin) is a family company, founded in 1947, based in Annecy in the French Alps. Its mission is to design and develop school, office and craftwork accessories to satisfy consumers, combining high quality with innovative functions and design.

The MAPED brand is now deployed in over 125 countries, supported by the Group’s subsidiaries and its network of distributor agents, and is now the acknowledged world leader on its market. In 1992 the takeover of MALLAT (the company specializing in the manufacture of erasers) happened.

Today's assortment of erasers under the cover MAPED includes technical, school and decorative erasers.

Technical erasers are polymeric erasers for drawing works. Quality of polymer allows effectively deletes graphite traces from a work surface without damaging of a paper. Different combinations of packing (in a box on 15 or 30 pieces etc.) make the product interesting to all forms of the trade. Hi-tech 850 is plastic eraser overwrapped with a protective cardboard body. Eraser with solvents Hi-tech 900 deletes inks and markers traces.

School eraser Vivo in the form of a butterfly and the eraser-cap Tip-top are the most popular. The interesting decision is the eraser Domino made in the form of a bone for a game. Also there are rubber erasers of different shapes and colors. The eraser Dust free is unique because erasers waste at deleting turn into a ball.

The leader of sales of the decorative series is the eraser Hard&Soft which is made in France till now. Eraser Epure attracts customer’s attention by the forms and colors – oval and triangular, in any combinations in blister or in box. One more interesting product is the eraser Zenoa in protective closed body of bright color. In the same group pencils erasers include, they are made in the form of a knife – Gom-stick or an automatic pencil – Gom-pen. All these erasers are for people who like bright non-standard things.


My collection Maped

The eraser Tip-top

The eraser Domino 60

The eraser Domino 20

The eraser Rembrandt

The kneadable eraser

The erasers Duo-Gom и Dessin

The eraser Mini Technic

The eraser Technic Duo

The eraser Poivre Blanc

The eraser Architecte

The eraser Epure

The eraser Epure mini

The eraser Zenoa

The eraser Ethnic mini

The eraser Precision

The erasers Hard&Soft

The erasers Spirit, Customseries, Fire

The erasers Gom pen

The eraser Mini Softy

The eraser Hi-tech 850

The eraser Epure

The eraser Gom stick

The eraser Only Fish

The eraser Tatoo

The eraser Architecte

The eraser Technic 600

The eraser Green-Gom

The eraser is not defined

The eraser Eclipse

The eraser Eclipse

The eraser Zenoa

The eraser Gom-stick

The eraser Gom-pen

The eraser Softy

The eraser Greenlogic

The eraser Poivre Blanc

The erasers Black

The eraser X-pert

The eraser X-pert mini

The erasers Vivo

The eraser Hi-tech 900

The eraser 119811

The erasers ErgoFun

The eraser is not defined