PELIKAN – the German company; history of its creation are rooted in 1832, when chemist Carl Hornemann founded his own factory on manufacturing paints and ink in Hannover. Official birth-date of the company is considered to be on April, 28th, 1838 when there was a first price-list of this company. In 1871 the reins of government has passed to Gunther Wagner who has registered an emblem of the pelican, becoming to one of the first German trade marks in general. With the advent of Fritz Beindorff to assortment of the company office stationery to copying, punching, updating was added; it has caused expansion of manufacture. In the end of XIX century the company has taken over the leadership among manufacture of ink. In 1929 automatic pen PELIKAN was born, its high-quality ink and mechanism became the revolution in the world of writing accessories. The next years commodity circulation of company has been rised, the quantity of branches and workplaces increased. In 2003 trade mark PELIKAN has been modified.

Erasers PELIKAN are presented by following models

Plastic erasers the rectangular form are models GE20 (white color) and AP of five different colors, and also model PK20, 2/3 of this eraser is intended for removal of traces graphite and color pencils, and 1/3 – for removal of traces of ink.

Erasers from natural rubber with oblique corners SP30 (green color) are most numerous, RW40 (red color), and also eraser with two degrees of density red-dark blue colors BR40. Model WS30 from natural rubber of white color also has the rectangular form. The most delicate, suitable for removal of traces of a pencil from all kinds of surfaces is Erasers Squeezy; it is of the oval form and different colors.

Novelty of PELIKAN is model Football which release has been dated for the world championship on the football, spent in Germany in 2006. Its exclusive feature is the image of ten national flags on everyone eraser executed in the form of a ball. Manufacturers suggest to collect a full collection of these erasers or just «to play in football on a table by it».


My collection Pelikan

The eraser PK 20

The eraser AL 20

The eraser WS 30

The eraser WS 60

The eraser BR 40

The eraser SP 30

The eraser Jelly

The eraser PK 20

The eraser AL 20

The eraser BR 80

The eraser Squeeze

The eraser is not defined

The eraser BE 20

The eraser GB 20

The eraser AC 30

The eraser AP 30

The eraser RW 40

The eraser is not defined

The eraser is not defined

The eraser AL 30