In the beginning, Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Pilot Corporation, realized the need for improving existing pens used for drawing during his tenure as a professor at the Tokyo Merchant Marine College. After making a prototype fountain pen, he formed a partnership with one of his colleagues, Masao Wada and started manufacturing and selling fountain pens in 1918.

The company was capitalized at 200,000 yen and named The Namiki Manufacturing Company. In 1938, it was renamed, The Pilot Pen Co., Ltd., and subsequently named Pilot Corporation in 1989.

From its date of creation in 1918 to modern times, PILOT has never stopped innovating and pushing the limits of writing instrument technology Today, PILOT is one of the only manufacturers in the world which is able to carry out all of the stages necessary to create a writing instrument.

Erasers PILOT are made in classical rectangular design. Their consumer properties are faultless: they excellently erase graphite traces from any kind of paper. Everyone eraser PILOT is overwraped with a cardboard.


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