The idea behind the OFFICE POINT & SCHOOL POINT brand was rather a simple one: to be able to offer a variety of office supplies products of high quality to favorable prices.

The main characteristics of this young brand - flexibility, creativity and consistent orientation of the service towards the customer's demands - are the reason for the success of the company. Following the slogan: "Everything from one hand'" a well-thought-out assortment consisting of over 500 articles was developed, program for the specialized trade as well as for all other distribution channels. The standard assortment is being constantly supplemented by current, new as well as best-selling articles and adapted to the requirements of the market.

Erasers series OFFICE POINT includes the only one kind of erasers (RG-616) intended for black pencils, colored pencils, indelible pencils and technical drawing.

Erasers series SCHOOL POINT is more numerous. They are in attractive design (Animals, Fruits &Vegetables, Children, Sky and so on) in displays.


My collection School Point

The erasers Fruits

The eraser Sky 7230718

The erasers Sky 7221102

The erasers 7238802-02

The erasers-puzzles 7220002

The erasers Children 7234848

The eraser is not defined

The erasers Children 7231220

The erasers-puzzles Animals 7220002-00

The erasers Children 7222102

The eraser Sky 7233330

The eraser is not defined

The erasers 7238303-02

The erasers 7239602-02

The erasers 7221702-00

The erasers 7236102-00

The erasers 7237702-00

The erasers 7224002-00

The erasers 7224503-00

The erasers 7223004-00

My collection Office Point

The erasers 9460002

The erasers 9461602-00

The eraser RG-620

The erasers 9461402-00

The eraser 9468000-00