The company that now is named Schwan-Stabilo was founded in 1855. The well-known Munich merchant Max Bullinger ordered 10 gross of cedar pencils in October 1855 (one gross is 144 pencils) as well as several dozen pocket pencils. This large order has survived in one of the company’s oldest invoice ledgers and it was quickly followed by other orders. In 1865, the 25 years-old clerk Gustav Adam Schwanhaeusser acquired the Grossberger & Kurz Pencil Factory, a company that had begun ambitiously only to go heavily into debt. In 1875 Schwanhaeusser introduced the first important result of his work, a copying pencil.

Since 1875 the pencil factor has been using a swan as its brand logo. Choosing this symbol was easy, of course, as the abbreviation of the family name (Swan is Schwan in German) literally begged to be used.

In 1927 the company first got into the cosmetic business. For a long time the company limits itself to a small assortment of cosmetic products. Besides the eyebrow pencil, they also offered kohl, lip liner and nail pencils. Nowadays the largest and known cosmetic companies, such as Revlon, Avon, Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, trust manufacture of cosmetic pencils under the cover Schwan-STABILO only. In 2003 as a result of intensive research and development, Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics introduced active ingredient cosmetics. The skin treatment line offers facial skin care in a comprehensive combination of decorating, caring and regenerating products.


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