TUKZAR is the Russian trade mark of the company «Diamond Arus», founded in 1996 and having branches in Italy, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine.

The assortment of erasers TUKZAR includes erasers made of PVC. The most popular erasers are oval (Tz-01), round (Tz-02), triangular (Tz-03, Tz-04) and drop-shaped (Tz-05, Tz-06) with the plastic holder in the center. it protects an erasing surface of the erasers from excessive pollution at use. The erasers are intended for deleting graphite and color pencils traces. Eraser Tz-10 is white oval synthetic rubber eraser overwrapped with cellophane. Erasers Tz-07 and Tz-14 are rectangular erasers with images of a bird.

Children synthetic rubber erasers are Tz-512 with replaceable blocks of erasers, Tz-513 and Tz-514 made in the form of a marker. Also there are erasers-caps of different colors (Tz-12), erasers in the form of a bagel, erasers with a bulb, flavored erasers in the form of a fruit etc.

Natural rubber wedge-shaped erasers (Tz-08 and TZ-09) are intended for removal of graphite and ink traces. Also there is an automatic pencil-eraser with a battery (Tz-11).


My collection Tukzar

The eraser Tz-10

The eraser Tz-13

The eraser Tz-08

The eraser Tz-08

The eraser Tz-6228

The erasers Tz-6222

The eraser Tz-6227

The eraser is not defined

The eraser Tz-6230

The eraser Tz-6221

The eraser Tz-514

The eraser is not defined

The battery-powered eraser

The eraser Tz-6238

The eraser Tz-07

The eraser Tz-6244

The eraser Tz-01

The eraser Tz-02

The eraser Tz-03

The eraser Tz-6243

The eraser Tz-6241

The eraser Tz-6268